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It’s worked all over the place besides Turkmenistan, the place the president’s subjects have proved all however immune to the blandishments of the mullahs or, certainly, of the Taliban, one other neighbor. At a time of speedy radicalization of Muslim communities from Indonesia, Thailand, and Bangladesh to Britain, Belgium, and Scandinavia, it’s instructive to search out an example of a successful counterstrategy. Despite this restriction on access, rights and democracy watchdog the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe has welcomed the announcement as a “positive step”.

  • One-half of its irrigated land is planted in cotton, making it at one time the world’s 10th-largest producer.
  • He believed that Western men were draining his country of girls of child-bearing age.
  • There is a high incidence of petty theft in crowded public places, such as the local bazaars.
  • As the Committee concluded its evaluate of the report by Turkmenistan, one professional advised delegates that, although the equality of men and women was formally recognized beneath Turkmen regulation, that didn’t prevent ladies from experiencing oblique discrimination.
  • These days, mail-order brides arrive from japanese The european union, south-east Asia and China, says Zug.

Rather than excavate, the group intends to make use of the Swedish Research Council’s largest ever archaeo logical grant to reexamine spectacular existing finds utilizing fashionable strategies similar to isotopic analysis. Local clean-up of cemetary used as instance; need for organized admin physique to direct environomental safety; position of environmental points inelections ; use of taxes for environmental safety in other nations; potential remedies for Turkmenistan. Review and analysis of French newspaper article; current social and financial unrest.

Another long-standing means of making embroidered textile is identified as Zari Duzi. Very thin threads of gold are woven into stunning fabrics, as a matter of fact ‘Zar’ means gold in Persian language.


Tourism is comparatively small, although in 1997 more than 250,000 vacationers traveled to Turkmenistan, a rise of more than 400 p.c from 1993. Management and maintenance of the nation’s irrigation network is dear. The price range allocated for maintaining the existing irrigation canals has fallen from US$3.2 million to only US$20,000. In addition, the federal government has failed to reduce sediment within the canal, as a end result of failing tools and insufficient monetary resources, slicing annual clearance necessities by greater than 50 %.

Central Asia got here underneath Arab control by the early eighth century and was integrated into Islamic Caliphate divided between provinces of Mawara’un Nahr and Khurasan. The city of Merv was occupied by lieutenants of the caliph Uthman ibn Affan, and was the capital of Khorasan.

The financial affairs and different issues of staff are handled by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Federation of Trade Unions of Turkmenistan, respectively. The most essential mass movement in the nation is the Communist Party. It controls all aspects of Turkmenistan’s politics, society and tradition. Its organizations of management are the Committee on National Security, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and various trade unions.

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Few of them, however, recounted instances where girls sought assist from the police or prosecutions from the state. As they defined, this was as a result of a typical understanding that bribes and political status play a significant role in implementing the regulation. As one interviewee explained, a rape victim, particularly if she comes from a conventional family, may not tell anybody concerning the rape because doing so could wreck her possibilities for marriage or cause her family to ostracize her. The same source advised of an acquaintance who dedicated suicide after her uncle raped her as a end result of she had nowhere to turn. Other interviewees stated that rape victims are often blamed for not appearing or dressing modestly enough. Women also hesitate to report abuse to state authorities due to basic mistrust of the regulation enforcement and judicial methods. The interviewees did report that the police usually will investigate stories of domestic violence and that certain instances could also be prosecuted.

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Khalili’s drift toward an alliance with the Taliban is mostly blamed for his get together’s factional disintegration. Khalili has served as second vice chairman in President Karzai’s government and wields explicit influence among Hazaras in central Afghanistan. His party’s success or failure could be seen as an indicator of the degree to which Hazaras believe the current authorities displays their aspirations.

She encouraged the Turkmenistan Ambassador to tell official authorities to put the issue of violence in opposition to ladies on the front burner and never sweep it beneath the carpet. After a woman had gone to court, a session regarding prophylactics was held. However, ought to she select to do so, a lady could go to court, file a complaint about her husband, and he could be sanctioned. Further information was certainly introduced on authorities websites, but Internet entry in rural areas was nonetheless inadequate, she mentioned. However, pc literacy was being taught to ladies through educational institutions. In the meantime, content from the net site was transmitted every day on national television. Finally, Turkmenistan’s laws established equal rights to marriage for women and men, the place provisions prohibit any direct or oblique restrictions of those rights.

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Investbank is the commercial sector financial institution and Agro-prombank the agricultural sector financial institution. Both are state-owned by way of inventory distributed to state-owned enterprises. In 1994, there have been 10 further banks owned by state enterprises, two cooperative banks and two private banks.

The Kara Kum desert covers many of the nation, and there is little plant or animal life. Farmers use reservoirs for irrigation to grow crops not indigenous to the area. As of 2002, there were a minimum of 103 species of mammals and 204 species of birds throughout the nation.